This page is dedicated to my brother Tai and my family that has always encouraged me to chose my own directions and find the things that make me happy.

To my friends that have always stuck with me through the years and tirelessly put up with my relentless banter and my camera in their faces.

Thanks everyone.

I’ve been in and out of photography throughout a bit of my life, but it wasn’t until my wonderful wife surprised me with my first DSLR as a gift  that I got back into it.

The last real camera I had was an early model (94′) Canon Rebel 35mm and I wasn’t ready to invest and devote my time working with film – I was too busy being a broke dirtbag. There’s a quote that states “the first 10,000 shots are your worst.” Whether or not that holds any truth, I can say that within two months after I was given that DSLR, I’d taken about 14,000 and I’m still driven to capture the world as I see it almost everyday.

I’m most inspired by my main passion of climbing and the images that bring the emotion, dedication and power of the physical form. I started climbing in 1991 and have traveled through much of the US and overseas in search of stone. Climbing is my life.

I’ve always been obsessively active in the outdoors and enjoy a lot of the sports that have made me who I am today.

I started skiing pretty young. Learning on the east coast and keeping mostly to the rolling hills of West Virginia and Virginia, and then I moved out west around 1994 and was introduced to the love of powder. The rest is history. While skiing and/or snowboarding was always in my life, it never took hold of my life like it has in the pacific northwest. I love the world out here – it’s such a photographers dream.

Thanks so much for checking in on my website and I hope you enjoy the images.  I’ll be adding photos and galleries on a regular basis so make sure to check back often. Please see my Services page for any interest in possibly scheduling a shoot, project or travel/adventure/expedition. I would love to hear any ideas for subject matter or a specific shot you’re looking for. Please feel free to contact me.

– Truc



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