AAC Rockfest 2015

I was psyched to be asked to shoot the annual climbers Rockfest again over the weekend of June 13th. As one of the few northwest events of its kind (and a personal favorite), Rockfest brings climbers from all over to Icicle Canyon in Leavenworth for a weekend of clinics, gear demos, fundraising, and a team bouldering competition. The days events are followed by a slamming evening of festivities, complete with feats-of-strength challenges, copious amounts of beer, BBQ, a huge raffle, and a slideshow with climbing legend, John “Verm” Sherman.  Those that survived the evening were rewarded by the awesome blueberry pancake and coffee breakfast sponsored by Phil Bridgers of Mountain Gear and Ryan Spivey of Marmot.

As a hard working collaboration involving the Cascade Section of  The American Alpine Club, Matt McKellar of Leavenworth Mountain Sports, as well as John Race of Northwest Mountain School, Dave Haavik of Petzl, Calvin Landrus of Solid Rock – Climbers for Christ, and the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce, Rockfest delivered exactly what a climber festival should be.

Of course, the event couldn’t have been complete without  the additional sponsors that helped make Rockfest possible:

Cilogear, Metolius, Arcteryx, LaSportiva, Organic, Vertical World, Second Ascent, Vasque, Nemo, Outdoor Research, Icicle TV, Black Diamond, Icicle Brewing, Kleen Kanteen, and Friction Labs.

Looking forward to next year already!

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