I'm a photographer, climber, skier, musician, and my family's biggest fan. I've been climbing for almost 30 years and working professionally in the outdoor industry since the early 90's. Over the decades, my zest for life has taken me to beautiful places, through extraordinary experiences, and has given me a unique and dynamic perspective.  

My work in photography and videography is more than just a passion. I feel like a kid with a security blanket when I hold my camera, and as content as a koala in a vat of eucalyptus when I'm shooting and editing. While you can find my work across the outdoor industry and publications, you'll find me shooting in wineries, events, and a variety of other channels. 


More about me: 

I was born in Saigon, Vietnam in the 70's and came to America with my mother in the early 80's, growing up in southwestern Virginia before I moved out west on my own in 1994.

I would love to say that I've been shooting my whole life, but when I received my first camera around 1991, I was a teenager and climbing, traveling, and having the time of my life took precedence over anything else. With a brief stint starting a publication with some friends in college, it wasn't until the photography consumed